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NASH Matters: National Pain Awareness Month with Dr. Danesh of Mt. Sinai (9/09/2018)

Tiffany Marie talks with Houman Danesh, MD for Mount Sinai Health System for National Pain Awareness Month. Dr. Danesh explains the signs and symptoms one should look for if they are having a pain as well as detailed informative information everyone should know. In addition Mount Sinai is the official medical provider for the 2018…MORE

NASH Matters: Bark.US (9/02/2018)

Titania Jordan. Titania gives us staggering statistics, How to Stay on Top of the Growing Online Dangers and Potential Risks our Kids Face, Warning Signs Your Child is Emotionally Suffering from Cyberbullying and much more. Titania gives helpful websites to get more information for parents that have a child and or children.     Bark…MORE

NASH Matters: VH1 Save the Music (8/12/2018)

Tiffany Marie talks with Rich Valdez, Member, Young Benefactors Committee from VH1 Save the Music. Rich tells the listeners how VH1 Save the Music got started as well how it became a national non-profit organization restoring public school music programs in New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, Detroit, New Orleans, and Las Vegas. Rich also…MORE

NASH Matters: JED Foundation (8/05/2018)

Tiffany Marie sits down with the CEO of the JED Foundation, John MacPhee.  John brings 25 years of leadership and management experience from the business and not-for-profit settings to his role at JED. The JED Foundation equips America’s teens and young adults with the skills and support they need to grow into healthy, thriving adults…MORE

NASH Matters: Parkinson’s Foundation (7/15/2018)

Tiffany Marie sits down with the Chief Scientific Officer, James Beck, PhD of the Parkinson’s Foundation. Dr. Beck explains to our listener’s what the Parkinson’s Foundation is and their mission to make lives better for people with Parkinson’s. Dr. Beck gives our listeners the history of Parkinson’s and what you can do to help a person…MORE

NASH Matters: Drug-Free Kids (7/08/2018)

Tiffany Marie talks with the President and CEO of Partnership for Drug-Free Kids, Fred Muench, PhD on the nonprofit Partnership for Drug Free Kids that supports families, struggling with their son or daughter’s substance use. Fred goes into detail on the Opioid epidemic and staggering statics. Fried gives the listeners an outlet to help a…MORE

NASH Matters: Understood.Org (7/01/2018)

Tiffany Marie talks with Mobilization Director, Luke Hayes and Field Manager, Matt Lurrie of . is a free online resource (in English and Spanish) that is aimed at providing families with the practical tools and advice for their child’s academic, social, and emotional journey. Understood’s goal is to help the millions of parents whose children,…MORE

NASH Matters: American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (6/17/2018)

 Tiffany Marie talks with Dionne Monsanto, AFSP NYC Chapter Board Chair on Suicide Prevention. Dionne informs our listeners on the imperative statics as well as import contact numbers for anyone in need. She tells her heartfelt personal story dealing with suicide and stresses that there is help. Dionne also talks about walks coming up in…MORE

NASH Matters: The Fresh Air Fund (6/10/2018)

Tiffany Marie talks with Executive Director, Fatima Shama and Former Fresh Air Participant and intern Israel Dudley on what is the Fresh Air Fund. The Fresh Air Fund has unlocked the limitless potential of more than 1.8 million New York City children from low-income communities. Each year, thousands of children experience outdoor summer adventures through…MORE

NASH Matters: Alliance of Families for Justice (6/03/2018)

Tiffany Marie talks Soffiyah Elijah the Executive Director for Alliance for Families of Justice. The Alliance for Family of Justice is dedicated to systemic criminal justice reform by combining the power of proven civil rights strategies and modern social-impact techniques. Soffiyah strives to support, empower and mobilize families of incarcerated people and people with criminal…MORE


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