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NASH Matters: FLU Vaccine – MedExpress Urgent Care (11/11/2018)

Tiffany Marie sits down and talks Flu Season with Dr. Mallik Patel of MedExpress Urgent Care. Dr. Patel explains how important it is for everyone to get the influenza vaccine this year. Dr. Patel discusses last year’s flu season and how it was very unpredictable. The 2018 – 2019 flu season to date has a…MORE

NASH Matters: City Harvest (11/04/2018)

Tiffany Marie talks with City Harvest Program Manager Jerome Nathaniel on his background and City Harvest’s history. Jerome is a true New Yorker who cares about the community and City Harvest Mission “To end hunger in communities throughout New York City. We do this through food rescue and distribution, education, and other practical, innovative solutions”.…MORE

NASH Matters: Dr. Newman Weill Cornell Medicine-New York Presbyterian Hospital Network (10/21/2018)

Tiffany Marie talks Breast Cancer with Dr. Lisa Newman for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Dr. Newman is a surgical breast oncologist at Weill Cornell Medicine-New York Presbyterian Hospital Network. Dr. Newman tells our listeners about exciting advances in breast cancer management resulting in successful outcomes for the majority of our patients, but ongoing progress…MORE

NASH Matters: Moms Helping Moms Foundation (10/07/2018)

Tiffany Marie talks with Bridget Cutler the Founder/ Co-President and Megan Deaton the Co-President of Moms Helping Moms Foundation. Bridget and Megan lets our listeners know about the need for Diapers and that they are a Diaper Bank. The mission of Moms Helping Moms Foundation is to provide low income families in New Jersey with…MORE

NASH Matters: Citymeals (9/30/2018)

Tiffany Marie sits down with Beth Shapiro the Executive Director of Citymeals on Wheels. Beth lets our listeners know what Citymeals is and who they serve in NYC. Beth shares the Facts and Figures on the benefits of Citymeals and how you can become a volunteer.     Gael Greene and James Beard founded Citymeals on Wheels in…MORE

NASH Matters: World Alzheimer’s Month with Dr. Sano of Mt. Sinai (9/23/2018)

Tiffany Marie is joined by  for World Alzheimer’s Month. Dr. Sano is a Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at the Icon school of Medicine at Mt. Sinai and she is also Director at the James J. Peters VA in the Bronx. Dr. Sano explains what Alzheimer’s is and how they have advancements regarding this…MORE

NASH Matters: National Pain Awareness Month with Dr. Danesh of Mt. Sinai (9/09/2018)

Tiffany Marie talks with Houman Danesh, MD for Mount Sinai Health System for National Pain Awareness Month. Dr. Danesh explains the signs and symptoms one should look for if they are having a pain as well as detailed informative information everyone should know. In addition Mount Sinai is the official medical provider for the 2018…MORE

NASH Matters: Bark.US (9/02/2018)

Titania Jordan. Titania gives us staggering statistics, How to Stay on Top of the Growing Online Dangers and Potential Risks our Kids Face, Warning Signs Your Child is Emotionally Suffering from Cyberbullying and much more. Titania gives helpful websites to get more information for parents that have a child and or children.     Bark…MORE

NASH Matters: VH1 Save the Music (8/12/2018)

Tiffany Marie talks with Rich Valdez, Member, Young Benefactors Committee from VH1 Save the Music. Rich tells the listeners how VH1 Save the Music got started as well how it became a national non-profit organization restoring public school music programs in New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, Detroit, New Orleans, and Las Vegas. Rich also…MORE


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