Brett Young performs “In Case You Didn’t Know”, talks with Jesse Addy and more! [Exclusive Video]

Brett Young came up to the NASH FM 94.7 studios to hang out with Jesse Addy and play a few songs for us! Brett talks about his busy year after his first single “Sleep Without You” went #1 on the country music chart. He tells Jesse that it was both the longest and the shortest year of his life!

Brett is releasing a second single from his EP called “In Case You Didn’t Know.” We are already starting to hear this in weddings, but after this song hits the radio, we can expect to hear it at every wedding next summer.

Check out Brett’s brand new single “In Case You Didn’t Know”

Click below to watch Brett’s full interview with Jesse Addy!

Before Brett left our studio, we put him on the spot to perform a NASH MASH. He chose to mash together Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get It On” and his own first single “Sleep Without You!”

Check out Brett’s NASH MASH of “Let’s Get It On” and “Sleep Without You”


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